Tuesday, August 08, 2006

‘Salaam Music Village’, Kew Gardens

7 July 2006

We were at Kew Gardens on Sunday for ‘Salaam Music Village’ – a festival of Islamic music from around the world. It was a very hot, sunny day and thousands of people were trying to find whatever shade the foliage could provide while listening to groups from Morocco, Kenya, Yemen, Iraq and Bosnia. Musicians had flown in from all over the world specially for the festival but it was only the Iranian group who live in Finchley who had any travel problems – getting stuck on the North Circular Road! There was a wide variety of beautiful, rhythmic and contemplative music – my favourite was the Indonesian group from Aceh. This free festival was organised by Cultural Co-operation – an independent arts charity that promotes cross-cultural contact, dialogue and understanding (and gave free entry to Kew Gardens which usually costs £11.75!). If you’re interested and anywhere near London they are doing the whole thing again in Regent’s Park this weekend – details at www.culturalco-operation.org

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