Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Lowry, Salford

24 February 2006

Visiting the galleries at The Lowry in Salford for the first time, I overheard two boys, who must have been about eight years old, standing in front of a number of Lowry paintings including ‘Man looking at something’: 1st boy – “How did he get famous for painting these?!” 2nd boy – “These are works of art!” 1st boy – “Works of art! My sister could have painted these!!” – I am still wondering about this last remark – why not say “I could have painted these”? – was he referring to a baby sister to emphasise how easy it would be to paint like this? Or was he actually referring to an older sister who is maybe quite good at art – thereby appreciating that some degree of skill was involved but that while he might not be able to manage such paintings himself they were not that special?



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