Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nerina Pallot

26 May 2006

Last night I was at the Stables to see Nerina Pallot – a young singer/songwriter from Jersey. I read the review of her album ‘Fires’ in the Guardian last April which said: “the more you listen to it, the better it gets”. This led me to expect something that might be initially difficult to listen to but when I bought the CD it turned out to be pleasant, undemanding, unremarkable pop. But now I’m beginning to think the review was right – there is definitely something about her music that steadily grows on you – great voice, intelligent lyrics, plenty of piano and strings alongside the guitars and drums, and choruses it’s hard not to sing along to. Her gig last night was completely sold out and great fun – despite a few annoying technical problems. You can listen to the whole of her CD on her wonderful website at www.nerinapallot.com (click ‘Entertainment’). Definitely a name to watch …

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