Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Boban Markovic Orkestar

3 March 2006

This week I’ve been listening to the best band in the world – that’s not hyperbole it’s an official title bestowed on the Boban Markovic Orkestar by the Guca festival in Central Serbia – the “Woodstock of Brass Music”. I first discovered Boban Markovic at the beginning of 2003 when I was intrigued by a review that described the band as “able to leap tall buildings with a single bound” with “the ability to turn on a sixpence”. When I told Jeannie I was emailing a record label in Berlin to get hold of a CD called ‘Live in Belgrade’ by a Serbian brass band, she feared this confirmed the start my descent into madness! Maybe she was right but it remains one of my favourite CDs. I’ve just bought their latest album, ‘The Promise’ and it’s fantastic stuff. It’s loud and funky – exciting party music with an underlying melancholy: amazing rhythms and syncopation, musical gymnastics from Boban himself – “the best trumpet on Earth” (yes, another official title) – and incredible agility from the tuba-players. To judge for yourself go to http://www.piranha.de/records/ - click ‘Gypsies & Balkan’ – select one of the three Boban Markovic CDs and then click on the ‘Listen to!’ links. If you haven’t discovered the sound of Balkan Gypsy Brass yet you’re in for a treat! Hey, Boban!

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