Tuesday, August 08, 2006

‘The Inside Man’ by Spike Lee

21 April 2006

We saw the Spike Lee film, ‘The Inside Man’ (with French subtitles) – an intelligent heist thriller with Denzel Washington and Clive Owen, which we really enjoyed. Inevitably, on reflection, there were a few holes in the plot (I’m never convinced that ‘the perfect crime’ would really involve holding large numbers of people hostage at gunpoint) but it was clever, gripping and well acted with a very witty script.

I was subsequently surprised to be reminded that this film was the subject of a particularly scathing review by Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian. Having enjoyed the film I think he was a bit harsh but I did also really enjoy the review (it’s always the worst films that make for the best reviews) – he said: “You could try emptying Lake Victoria with a teaspoon, or making a scale model of Ely Cathedral with marbles, or getting into your house with front-door key made of marzipan. Any of these activities would be less of a waste of time than watching this supremely annoying and nonsensical film.”

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