Monday, August 24, 2009


24 August 2009

We were back at the Rex cinema in Berkamsted last week to see the recent French film ‘Rumba’. Written by, directed by and starring Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon, ‘Rumba’ tells the story of two schoolteachers who are also award-winning ballroom dancers and their struggles with adversity. It’s a very physical tragic-comedy with hardly any dialogue – very much in the Jacques Tati style. Indeed the scenes on a beach were a clear homage to ‘Mr Hulot’s Holiday’. The film’s cartoon-like surreal world reminded me of the dark comedy of ‘Delicatessen’ or the animated ‘Belleville Rendez-Vous’. The humour is very bleak and often cruel but it maintains an innocent charm and is extremely funny. Variety described it as being “like an episode of "Sesame Street" scripted by Luis Bunuel and helmed by Jacques Tati”. A quirky treat.



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