Friday, August 14, 2009

‘The Liberty of Norton Folgate’ by Madness

14 August 2009

I’m very much enjoying the new album by Madness, ‘The Liberty of Norton Folgate’. This is the first new recording by Madness for nearly ten years but it’s been acclaimed by many critics as their best work. The songs take us on a tour of London, sailing close to forming a concept album or even a potential rock opera. Catchy tunes, a variety of styles, idiosyncratic lyrics and the unmistakeable voice of Suggs make the album an easy listen that bears repeated listening. The Word Magazine described it as "Peter Ackroyd writing for The Kinks, it's Sherlock Holmes in Albert Square, it's a Mike Leigh movie of Parklife, it's Passport To Pimlico meets Brick Lane, and it is Madness's masterpiece."

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