Friday, May 28, 2021

Andy Kershaw Plays Some Bloody Great Records

28 May 2021

Regular readers may remember I was a big fan of Andy Kershaw’s much missed BBC Radio 3 show. I really enjoyed seeing him live, promoting his autobiography in December 2018, and it was a treat to hear him back on Radio 3 in 2020 for ‘The Kershaw Tapes’ in which he introduced recordings made on his trusty Sony Walkman Pro cassette recorder during his travels in Africa and the Americas in the 1980s. Two more episodes of ‘The Kershaw Tapes’ aired on Radio 3 a few weeks ago and are available to listen to on BBC Sounds: and This week I have been immersing myself in the first episode of Andy’s new podcast ‘Andy Kershaw Plays Some Bloody Great Records’, available at: It’s great to rediscover his inimitable delivery and a typically eclectic mix of music old and new from across the world. As I have noted here before, I'm not always that keen on Andy’s favourite music but I do share his insatiable appetite for music that is new and different, and his sheer enthusiasm for music is infectious.

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