Friday, April 16, 2021

NSO horns in the garden

16 April 2021

Since October 2020, when I met my fellow horn players from the Northampton Symphony Orchestra at St Mary’s Church in Wollaston, Northamptonshire, to play through some horn quartets, we have been maintaining a weekly online session, playing quartets via Jamulus. But on Tuesday evening, for the first time in six months, we met face-to-face in a garden in Wollaston to play music together outdoors. It was lovely to see everyone and brilliant to be able to play live again. Having been playing together regularly online we have built up a repertoire of quartets and I think we sounded pretty good. It was wonderful to have the benefit of eye contact to help with our timing and three dimensional sound, really making us realise what we have been missing through lockdown. Despite some mischievous reports on social media the following day that house prices in Wollaston have immediately dropped by 25%, the immediate neighbours were actually very complimentary, describing our playing as ‘lovely’ and asking when we can come again. This week we also launched our latest multi-part lockdown recording: ‘Star Trek: First Contact’ which you can see at:



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