Thursday, February 25, 2021

Italian Cookery Workshop by Carmela Sereno Hayes

25 February 2021

Last Saturday I took part in my first Zoom cookery class. Northampton Museum & Art Gallery has organised a series of three cookery workshops with the Italian cook and author Carmela Sereno Hayes. About a dozen of us gathered on Zoom on Saturday morning for the first session, on pasta, soups and sauces. We had been sent three recipes in advance so we could buy the necessary ingredients and have everything ready to cook along with Carmela. I set up my laptop in the kitchen so I could watch the screen while cooking. A lot of the time I was listening more than watching but it worked well. It felt like a bit like a TV cookery programme but with the opportunity to ask questions throughout. And it was good to be making the same recipes together in real time – so when Carmela showed us that the onions should be nice and soft by now we could see that ours were too. It was also nice to be learning the techniques in the familiarity of your own kitchen – making it more likely that I might be able to re-create these meals on my own afterwards. We made pasta e fagioli – a hearty pasta and bean soup – as well as spaghetti carbonara and a red pepper and ricotta pasta sauce. It was great fun and all three dishes were delicious: I will definitely be making them again. More details at:



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