Friday, May 03, 2019

'Father of the Bride' by Vampire Weekend

3 May 2019

In February 2008 I wrote here that “my new favourite band is Vampire Weekend”. We’ve both come a long way since then but I’m enjoying listening to the first Vampire Weekend album for six years, ‘Father of the Bride’, which came out this week. It’s a sprawling, varied double album but the mood is mostly cheerful and upbeat. Ezra Koenig continues to combine an eclectic range of influences. ‘This Life’ returns to the jangling sunshine African guitars of ‘Oxford Comma’, ‘Married in a Gold Rush’, featuring Danielle Haim, has a country feel, while Alexis Petridis in The Guardian suggests ‘Sympathy’ is “equal parts flamenco and early Pet Shop Boys”. I hadn’t noticed before how much Koenig owes to Paul Simon but I can now hear that influence in many of the tracks. Try ‘This Life’ at:

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