Friday, October 23, 2015

'Senior Moments'

23 October 2015

Scotland Street School in Glasgow is a magnificent building designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It is now a museum that tells the story of education in Scotland from 1872 to the late 20th century, complete with recreations of classrooms from different periods in the history of the school. I was there on Thursday afternoon to see 'Senior Moments', an exhibition of portraits and memories from members of Castlemilk Senior Centre – which is on display as part of the Luminate Festival. This small exhibition features 21 pairs of photographs – individual portraits of members of the Castlemilk Senior Centre today, each coupled with a photograph from their past. Each person wrote down their personal reflections on their two pictures and these words are displayed between the photographs. The project was developed by Dr John Lynn from Glasgow Caledonian University. It's fascinating to see the connections between past and present and how the people, and their lives, have changed. The stories the pictures tell are funny, revealing and poignant. It's a very interesting reflection on ageing.

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