Friday, February 01, 2013

'Get Follicled' by Lea Pryer

1 February 2013

Before Christmas we were delighted by our local amateur pantomime, ‘Rapunzel’ at the TADS Theatre (reviewed here in December 2012). Last Saturday we returned to Toddington to see the adult version, ‘Get Follicled: the True Story of Rapunzel’, again written and directed by Lea Pryer. Using the same set, the same cast (minus one or two of the younger actors) and following roughly the same plot, this was a parallel universe ‘Rapunzel’. For those seeking an ‘adult pantomime’ I suspect this fulfilled all the expectations that phrase suggests. It was incredibly crude, with nothing so subtle as a double entendre. Much of the show was very funny with the comic talents of Janet Bray, Rachel Birks, Mike Collins and Rory White wonderfully demonstrated in their adlibs and interplay with the audience. But, for me, the funniest moments were those aspects shared with the family-friendly version – the puppets, the facial expressions, the corpsing. And, given that the audience for the performance of ‘Rapunzel’ we saw in December was overwhelming adults, I felt most of us might have been happier with a reprise of that more innocent tale.

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