Friday, December 14, 2012

'Sweet Danny Wilson' by Danny Wilson

14 December 2012

One of the joys of the instant availability of music online is rediscovering half-remembered tunes from many years ago. Gone are the days when you leapt to your feet when a particular song came on the radio in the knowledge that it was your only opportunity to hear it. Now a memory can pop into your head and within seconds you can have found the relevant track on Spotify and started listening to it again. Last week, for some reason, I found myself thinking about the opening line “I'm sorry for upsetting the apple cart” and desperately trying to remember the song it comes from. After a little detective work I had downloaded the greatest hits of Danny Wilson (‘Sweet Danny Wilson’) and was reliving the late 1980s with the song ‘Never Gonna Be The Same’. Danny Wilson was a Scottish pop group formed in 1984. Like Alice Cooper, Danny Wilson was the name of the band rather than the singer – named not after the much-loved Barnsley Football Club manager (“it’s just like watching Brazil”) but in honour of the 1952 Frank Sinatra film, ‘Meet Danny Wilson’. Danny Wilson’s biggest hit was ‘Mary’s Prayer’ which reached number 3 in the UK charts in 1988. The other song of theirs I remember is ‘The Second Summer Of Love’. Their music is catchy, tuneful 80s pop with a Scottish tinge – not unlike Hue and Cry, Orange Juice and Hipsway – well worth revisiting. It’s strange how every song you listen to in December sounds like it was intended to be a Christmas song – those are sleigh bells in ‘Never Gonna Be The Same’ aren't they?

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