Friday, September 14, 2012

Bandstand Marathon 2012

14 September 2012

At 1 pm last Sunday afternoon simultaneous performances started at 300 locations across the UK as part of Bandstand Marathon 2012. We were at the amphitheatre in Campbell Park, Milton Keynes, to see the BradwellSilver Band. It was a lovely sunny afternoon, though the wind presented some challenges with gusts occasionally carrying away sheet music and even a music stand! The Bradwell Silver Band treated us to a mixed programme that included classical music, big band jazz and pop and many pieces with an Olympic connection. It was great fun: watching a band on a bandstand on a sunny Sunday afternoon felt charmingly old-fashioned yet clearly appealed to an audience of all ages. Best of all there were some very young children dancing enthusiastically in front of the bandstand. One boy was using his grandfather’s walking stick like Fred Astaire dancing with a cane. When the music stopped he held the walking stick against his leg, upside down so that the curved handle was on the floor, and bent his leg upwards so that he was standing on one leg, proudly declaring “I’m Jonnie Peacock”. The kids proceeded to enact a series of Paralympic races, emulating their disabled heroes. It was a London 2012 moment!

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