Friday, July 17, 2009

'Home' by David Storey

17 July 2009

Last Thursday we were at the Theatre Royal in Bath to see David Storey’s 1970 play ‘Home’. The original Royal Court production starred John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson as two elderly men sitting in a garden, passing the time of day. These parts were taken in this production by David Calder and Stephen Moore with Nichola McAuliffe and Lesley Joseph as the two women who provide a jarring contrast to their conversation. It’s a fascinating play which takes some time to reveal itself, while being very entertaining from the start. At first it feels like theatre of the absurd – the early exchanges between the two men could have come from ‘Waiting for Godot’ (reviewed here in May 2009). Then the real nature of their situation becomes clear and very poignant. But, throughout, the play is actually reflecting on a changing country as England searches for its new identity in the modern world. Very enjoyable and thought-provoking.

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