Wednesday, September 24, 2008

‘The Well of Lost Plots’ by Jasper Fforde

24 September 2008

If you’ve been swept along by my enthusiasm for the bizarre comic crime novels of Jasper Fforde you’ll love ‘The Well of Lost Plots’, but if you’ve not developed the taste you’re probably getting fed up with me going on about him. (I’d still recommend starting by reading ‘The Big Over Easy’.) ‘The Well of Lost Plots’ is the third novel in the ‘Thursday Next’ series and I feel it is completely appropriate to Fforde’s surreal time-travelling narrative to be reading the books out or order. Having already read the book which follows it (‘Something Rotten’ – reviewed here in August 2008) ‘The Well of Lost Plots’ made much more sense and it was great fun following certain storylines with the benefit of hindsight. This novel involves Thursday Next trying to keep order within works of fiction – counselling the characters in ‘Wuthering Heights’ and trying to prevent them from changing the ending. There are quite a few gags which you might miss if you are not familiar with the relevant books but the humour is enjoyably corny rather than pretentious. As always, Fforde plants a few ideas early on which return satisfyingly at crucial moments, just when you had forgotten them. And it was wonderful to see the emerging explanation of a link between the Thursday Next stories and Fforde’s Nursery Crime series of novels. Incredibly silly fun.



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