Tuesday, May 27, 2008

'Music Hole' by Camille

27 May 2008

French singer/songwriter Camille Dalmais is an amazing vocal gymnast. I was impressed by her 2005 album ‘Le Fil’ which wove a series of inventive, quirky songs (mostly in French) around a single continuous drone note (‘the thread’). ‘Le Fil’ put Camille squarely in Kate Bush/Bjork territory but sometimes felt a little too coldly intellectual. Her new CD ‘Music Hole’ is much warmer and funkier. Sung almost entirely a capella – with ‘human percussion’ of clicks, claps, snaps, smacks and beatboxing plus occasional piano (by Jamie Cullum) – it’s a playful collection. There is some inventive use of stereo - listen on headphones with plenty of bass. Her (mostly English) lyrics are witty and clever. The songs encompass a variety of styles and are catchy, pretty and funny. Songs to admire and enjoy.

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