Thursday, February 07, 2008

'Threads' by Ruth Notman

7 February 2008

I am very grateful to Steve Heap for alerting me to the wonderful debut album by 18-year-old folk singer Ruth Notman, 'Threads' is released on Steve's own label, Mrs Casey Music, and he is rightly proud of it. Ruth is from Nottingham and her Northern vowels give her more than a passing resemblance to Kate Rusby (reviewed here in June 2006) but her amazing vibrato gives her voice a distinctive quiver. 'Threads' is an engaging and interestingly varied collection of songs and got a four star review from Robin Denselow in The Guardian (see,,2215420,00.html). Some of the original songs reminded me of Karine Polwart (reviewed here in November 2005 and April 2006) and I particularly liked the jaunty piano-backed waltz 'Limbo' which sounded a lot like Nerina Pallot (reviewed here in May 2006). You can listen to a couple of tracks from 'Threads' at Do have a listen - then buy the CD and support this rising young star.

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