Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Buckinghamshire Chamber Orchestra concert

13 December 2006

On Saturday I was playing with Buckinghamshire Chamber Orchestra at a concert in St Peter and Paul's Church in Buckingham. I last played with the orchestra in its inaugural concert in June 2004 and I think they've made impressive progress (from what was actually a pretty good start). The programme this time included Beethoven's 2nd symphony and the Mozart concerto for flute and harp. I rarely play classical repertoire with such a small orchestra but I always find it extremely rewarding - and surprisingly hard work! Every note becomes immensely important and you need great attention detail and an exhausting degree on concentration. We opened the concert with the 'Siegfried Idyll' by Wagner. This piece was a surprise birthday present for Wagner's wife, Cosima - she awoke on her birthday on Christmas Day 1870 to hear the music she thought she had been dreaming wafting into her bedroom from an orchestra positioned on the stairs. It's a gorgeous work which I haven't played for many years and I really enjoyed rediscovering it.

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