Friday, May 21, 2021

'The Get Up' by Madness

21 May 2021

Madness are one of those bands who have been part of the soundtrack of my life: I’ve always loved their particular blend of two-tone ska, zany fun and a hint of melancholy. Sadly I’ve not yet managed to see them live but last Friday I leapt at the chance to watch ‘The Get Up’ - a special online Madness concert from the London Palladium. This global livestream featured Live performances of new and classic Madness songs, framed by scenes of the band arriving at the theatre and watching themselves from the stalls (scripted by and featuring Charlie Higson from The Fast Show). There were some great special guest singers for a couple of numbers. But it was just lovely to see the band working through its extensive back catalogue, sounding wonderful and clearly having a ball. Here’s a brief flavour:

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