Wednesday, November 08, 2017

'Stranger Things 2' by The Duffer Brothers

8 November 2017

The essential viewing this week was clearly ‘Stranger Things 2’. Released on Netflix just in time for Halloween, the second series of the Duffer Brothers’ homage to 1980s sci-fi/horror is a darker, more violent sequel to last summer’s big hit (reviewed here in August 2016). Set one year on from the events of the first series, ‘Stranger Things 2’ returns to Hawkins, Indiana, where a growing sense of dread suggests that everything is by no means back to normal. Once again the kids are the stars of the show, forming a brilliant ensemble cast whose interactions are touching, believable and very funny. There is a knowing, meta-textual feel to the sequel which answers some of the puzzling questions, loose ends and ‘deliberate mistakes’ from the first series, almost as if the characters have all now watched ‘Stranger Things’. There is also some great 1980s period detail and music and plenty of reverential nods to 1980s films. We devoured all nine episodes within a week: it’s really enjoyable, thrilling and genuinely scary.

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