Thursday, August 27, 2015

'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen, adapted by Mark Hayward

27 August 2015

Having really enjoyed the Pantaloons' open air production of 'Much Ado About Nothing' earlier this summer (reviewed here in August 2015), we made our way to the beautiful grounds of Hatfield House on Wednesday to see the company's version of 'Pride and Prejudice', adapted by Mark Hayward. You know what you are getting with the Pantaloons formula – a very energetic performance, plenty breaking of the fourth wall, lots of audience participation (and a significant degree of consumption by the cast of the audience's picnics and alcohol!). This approach succeeds because it is often incredibly funny (particularly some of the ad libs between the performers) but also because it is very well acted. It is genuinely impressive when, amid the tomfoolery and pantomime we discover a delicate moment of real pathos. Telling the story of the five Bennet girls with only five actors requires a lot of versatility (and cross dressing!). It was great fun.

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