Thursday, October 16, 2014

'Me Talk Pretty One Day' by David Sedaris

16 October 2014

The American humourist David Sedaris is now such a familiar figure on BBC Radio 4 it is hard to read his essays without hearing his voice in your head. I've been reading his collection published in 2000, 'Me Talk Pretty One Day'. It's a good sample of the David Sedaris style – a neurotic, sarcastic, self-deprecating collection of personal experiences. I know his writing is not to everyone's taste – his amusing observations of foreigners can sail close to racism and he sometimes succeeds in his attempts to persuade you that he's not a very nice person. But his prose is beautifully constructed and can be incredibly funny. I liked this opening to 'The Learning Curve' in which “a terrible mistake was made” and the recently graduated Sedaris was offered a position teaching a writing workshop:

“The position was offered at the last minute, when the scheduled professor found a better-paying job delivering pizza. …. Like branding steers or embalming the dead, teaching was a profession I had never seriously considered. I was clearly unqualified, yet I accepted the job without hesitation, as it would allow me to wear a tie and go by the name of Mr Sedaris.”



At 10:23 pm, Blogger anita said...

Hi Robin, great to see you today. I''ve subscribed to your other blog, but this blog doesn't allow me to. I wonder if others have had similar problems? I click on the link (atom) and it gives me lines of code. Hope you can resolve it! All the best, Anita

At 11:37 am, Blogger Robin Simpson said...

Hi Anita.

My Cultural Playing Field blog is in Wordpress whereas this one is created in Blogger which seems to work differently. There is a way of becoming a "follower" of Blogger blog but I'm not really sure how you do this. Alternatively you can copy and paste this link (atom) into a RSS reader:

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