Friday, June 01, 2012


1 June 2012

We had a truly wonderful holiday in Norway last week. The weather was perfect and the scenery stunning. It was our first visit to Norway and our first cruise. I think we had seen the cruise merely as a convenient way to get to Norway but after our first day on the P&O liner Oriana we were completely hooked. The ship was great, the food was amazing (and endless!) and we met some lovely people. We even enjoyed the on-board entertainment which was of a much higher standard than I was expecting. We stopped for a full day at each of our four destinations. At Stavanger we explored the town and visited the Museum of Fine Art which was hosting a video installation by Bill Viola. Our second stop was at the pretty village of Flåm on the Aurlandsfjord where we travelled 8 miles up the valley on the remarkable Flåmsbana railway and then hiked back down through breathtaking scenery to the fjord. We also hiked from the village of Olden on the Nordfjord the following day – another 8 mile walk around Lake Floen and part of Lake Olden. Our final stop was the city of Bergen where we climbed Mount Floyen for spectacular views looking back over the city and its historic harbour. You can see a small selection of my holiday photos at



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