Friday, June 18, 2010


18 June 2010

We had a lovely holiday in Denmark last week, despite less than wonderful weather. We stayed in central Copenhagen and did most of the tourist things - though we were surprised, after walking out to the harbour to see the Little Mermaid, to discover that the statue is currently in the Denmark pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai and has been temporarily replaced by a video screen showing live footage of Expo visitors walking past the Little Mermaid in sunny China! We took a trip to the North East of Zealand to Helsingor to see Kronborg Slot - the setting for Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' and also visited the former capital, Roskilde. We saw the site of a Viking fortress at Trelleborg and sampled the slightly tacky delights of the Tivoli Gardens (imagine Alton Towers compressed to the size of a postage stamp!). Denmark is an interesting place with a fascinating history and extremely friendly and helpful people.



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