Friday, May 21, 2010

‘I, Malvolio’ by Tim Crouch

21 May 2010

We concluded our visit to the Brighton Festival with a late night performance of ‘I, Malvolio’ – a one-man show written and performed by Tim Crouch. We’ve seen Tim Crouch a few times in Edinburgh and he is a completely compelling performer. Most of his work seems to blur the boundaries between actor and character and involves extensive interaction with the audience. He manages to be likeable, extremely funny and deeply unsettling. ‘I, Malvolio’ is his fourth exploration of Shakespearean characters, telling the tale of ‘Twelfth Night’ from Malvolio’s point of view – while constantly slipping in and out of character. An amazing, hilarious and strange theatrical experience – take any opportunity to see what Tim Crouch does next.

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