Thursday, August 09, 2007

'The Visit'

9 August 2007

I’ve been enjoying ‘The Visit’ – a new sitcom on BBC3 on Sunday evenings (though only a matter of time before it is repeated on BBC2, I would have thought). All the action takes place during visiting time at a prison with, each week, the same set of prisoners taking their seats at tables opposite the same family members and then sitting there staring at each other with very little to say! Sounds riveting, I know, but the small talk and inane banter is very very funny and there is plenty of gentle, gradual character development. There are no star names dominating – though many of the actors are reasonably familiar faces. The characters are all fairly exaggerated – this is quite an old fashioned sitcom – more ‘Phoenix Nights’ than the cringingly believable comedy of ‘The Office’. Extremely enjoyable and refreshingly subtle such as in its reverential nod to ‘Porridge’ in the use of theme music by Slade.

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